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Current Season


What We WANT

Winter Season

Downhills Skis


XC Skis



Backcountry Anything

Cookware and Stoves

Namebrand Clothing

GoPro's and Cameras


Summer Season

Camping Tents

Hiking Packs

Mountain Bikes

Climbing Gear

Sleeping Bags

Cookware and Stoves

Namebrand Clothing

SUPs and Kayaks

GoPro's and Cameras


What we DON'T 

Tahoe Gear Exchange strives to keep products in stocks that you both want and sell.  We are not looking for any old or smelly equipment for that reason. 

As well as any used safety equipment such as helmets, climbing ropes or pads.  If they are brand new, yes you should bring them in.  Things break and we want you to be safe out there! 

Damaged or ripped technical layers are also not wanted in the shop.  Nothing needing repair or laundering will be sold or accepted for this reason.  Please check out our resource page for ways to get items fixed beforehand.

Stolen or 'borrowed' gear will not be accepted either.  We will look up the expensive items to check they are not before listing them.

Traditional sporting equipment unfortunately is also not accepted.  With limited space we are only going to be handling adventure sports for now.

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